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Plateau UWC&SD

Welcome to the Plateau Underground Water Conservation & Supply District!

As stewards of our precious water resources, we are dedicated to ensuring the sustainable management and preservation of underground water in our region. From our sprawling plains to our vibrant communities, water is the lifeblood that sustains us all.

At the Plateau Underground Water Conservation & Supply District, we are committed to:

  1. Conservation: Implementing effective strategies to conserve water resources for future generations.

  2. Education: Providing valuable information and resources to empower our community to make informed decisions about water usage.

  3. Collaboration: Working closely with stakeholders and partners to develop innovative solutions for water management challenges.

  4. Sustainability: Promoting practices that safeguard our water supply while supporting economic growth and development.

Together, we can protect and preserve our underground water sources for a thriving future. Join us in our mission to ensure a sustainable water future for Eldorado and beyond.


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Annual Rainfall

Learn more about our annual rainfall totals.
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Learn more about Groundwater Management Area 7.
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Upcoming Meeting Notice


May 30, 2024 at 1:00 pm

Schleicher County Civic Center (U.S. Hwy 277 S)